Towards Black (1982)


Audun Sørsdal’s Towards Black (1982) is a series of photographs which capture the lineal progress of an idea constructed by the artist. In each canvas we see the progression of the artist’s work, turning a bright room with its three-dimensional plane into a empty, black space. For every picture advanced, the palpable architectural space is being consumed into a black abstract one. The last picture is completely black. However, due to the reflections of the lights in the exhibition room, we finally see our own form mirrored onto the seemingly flat, black surface. This has accidently created another altogether different space, with the spectator’s form replacing the mundane objects as centre of composition and completing Sørsdal’s transformation.

This series can be viewed at the Silent Revolt: Norwegian Process Art and Conceptual Art in the 1970s and 80s at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo.

Note: I have finally made a first post on my blog! It was too hard to resist adding this small piece as the name of the blog is so fitting.

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